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Is there a biological reason men remarry faster then women after a break up?

When I was growing up, death was something I heard about. It wasn’t something that touched me in any personal way. But the older I got,the more I had personal experiences with death. My brother died, my mum died, my sister died, friends died and friends of friends died. Each… 

How do I know if this love is real?

Love can often be faked because the object of one’s affection has some other selfish intent. How can you tell if the love you are being shown is real?

Five Things More Important Than Passionate Sex In A Relationship

In many conversations among young unmarried people, sex is given prominence as the basis of most relationships. Even among some married people, sexual relations both within and outside marriage remains a constant source of conflict. There are countless studies that have associated sex with happiness in relationships. This emphasis has…