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Some companies Abigail Has Worked with

Abigail is a joy to read. She brings a rare depth of insight and wisdom to her writing, and her contributions are always well researched. Unlike armchair analysts and critics who only excel at highlighting the challenges, Abigail thinks about a solution – how things could be different and how best to make this wobbly system work. A fine journalist and thinker.
Stanley Azuakola
Special thanks to Abigail Anaba for helping to shape my articles into a coherent piece. Her experience as a writer was invaluable for a newbie like myself to get this off the ground, putting the disparate pieces together for a book that sought to balance facts and readability.
Dapo Oluyomi
Author, Cattle Rearer Chronicles
Have enjoyed working with Abigail for a few months now. She has successfully helped me with this project and I hope to be back working with her again soon.
William Parker
United States
Great job from Abigail! It’s a pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her.
Guillaume Cossou