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#NewBookAlert: The President’s Daughter

The first time I wrote a work of fiction was in 2015, it took me one month to complete the book SectorIV. I knew the next book wouldn’t be completed so fast, but I never envisaged that I would write one book in four years. But I am glad I’m finally done and now you can read it…soon.

My latest book, The President’s Daughter will be out this October, God willing. Like SectorIV it is historical fiction, drawing from the British invasion of the Benin Kingdom in 1897 and the artefacts they took away especially Queen Idia’s mask.  It is a story that takes us to three continents but culminates in Nigeria. It’s themes span across infertility in men, infidelity, political betrayal and loyalty.  But would it really be my book if we didn’t touch on feminism? I think you’ll love it 🙂

Details of pre-order will be provided soon.


Angela Goodmans will die if her father does not break the Iyoba’s curse – The curse that ensures that the first child borne by any of Queen’s Little Husband’s will die unless they kiss the mask. But Queen Idia’s mask has been taken and now resides in the London Metropolitan Museum. The British authorities will not let go of the mask, but President Goodmans has determined that his daughter will not die and so he and his cohorts hatch a plan that will lead to the return of the Iyoba. But things did not quite pan out as they all envisaged.

And Giveaway…

I am giving away, a preview copy…(One part of the book only) to the first ten persons who respond to this post. Just send me your email and I will send it to you!

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