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Nigeria Biafra War: SectorIV by Abigail Anaba

232 page romantic thriller set in Nigeria of 1967-1970




Nigeria Biafra War: SectorIV by Abigail Anaba



The Nigeria-Biafra war has since ended but stories surrounding the war are still being told. Abigail Anaba’s story focuses on the tiny village of Nchara in Abia State, Nigeria where Onyiyechi and her family live. The story focuses on Onyinyechi but it provides an overview of life in Nchara and how the Nigeria-Biafra war affected the people in that village.

SectorIV tells a story of love and loss, of choices and consequences. It is not a war story rather, it is a love story- requited and unrequited. Ultimately, however,  it a story of triumph in the face of difficulty. It is the story of life.  This Nigeria-Biafra war based story contains lessons for people who are still chanting war cries in modern Nigeria. The lessons it contains will benefit generations to come.



Onyinyechi sits on her box waiting for her father to come and pick her up from the bus station. Her school had closed down just as they were preparing to sit their WASC exams. The Principal can no longer guarantee anyone’s safety given the impending war.

As she waits for her father, thoughts of what to do with herself fill her mind. She had expected that she would sit the exams and then use furthering her education as an excuse to travel the world but now she feels trapped.

And then she meets Duke and everything changes.

SectorIV follows Onyinyechi’s life from before the Nigeria-Biafra war to a year after.

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