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Call Him Nimmo

“I will call him Nimmo… two ‘m’s’ no ‘h’.” “What does the name mean?” “It means nothing. He is nothing. He will be nothing.” The sadness danced around in her eyes and settled in her heart. “Do not speak that way. We all come from nothing but we have our… 

The Birds and the Bees

“I think I need a drink,” Aunty May said making her way to the kitchen. She has always been Aunty May since I was knee high to a mosquito. Her full name is Mary, but at some time in our not recent history someone decided ‘Mary’ was one syllable too… 

Lest we Tolerate Intolerance

These days, you not only have to be careful what you say but how you say what you say so as not to trigger attacks from a group that disagrees with your views.