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#MyWritingJourney: How I deal with Writer’s Block

How many times have you sat on your desk thinking about what to write? You type and delete several times trying to find the perfect way to share your imperfect thoughts. Sometimes, you shut down the computer in a fury deciding that maybe if you get involved in some other activity, it will come to you…


If you are like me, then writer’s block is a good friend with whom you share a daily meal. He is the typical uninvited guest, showing up at the most awkward times. You know you should ask him to leave but often times, you are powerless. He is that relative you just cannot send away. So, you settle in, delve into a conversation about trivia, and then the day goes by. No writing.

Many authors will tell you to just write. They say there is no such thing as writer’s block – just laziness. They say you can be resolved to shut the door in his face when he comes visiting. You can simply say you have no room for frivolities and let your pen (or fingers) bleed blood before you stop. *shudders*

Whether you believe in writer’s block or think he is just a friend of  Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, there is no arguing the fact that all writers face a time (or many times) in their routine when their head just refuses to co-operate with their pen. when they stare at the computer screen willing the words to appear.

What do I do when that happens?


I am not a person given to violence, so I don’t fight writer’s block. We have, however, worked out an arrangement which so far has suited us both. When he visits, I let him in for just 15 minutes. In that time, I leave my computer and do other things. One of my go-to things to do is read a book. He usually does not like the silence and he leaves soon enough. And if he decides to enjoy the silence, I keep reading to keep myself entertained and learn something new.

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Another thing I do when writer’s block comes visiting is listen to music. Usually, I listen to music that will help me think. It can be any type of music (because I like all genres) especially if they have a message. I keep different playlists for this purpose (Maybe someday I will share). Research shows listening to music positively affects on one’s creativity

oh yeah


A third option I have that quickly sends writer’s block out of the door, is summoning my muse. She is always there. My wonderful friend who is always to talk with me about everything and anything and sometimes nothing. I find that when I repeat my ideas out loud, it helps me realize how silly they are…and sometimes how awesome they can be.

If all else fails, I go sit on the toilet. Believe me, there is something about butt and a toilet seat that sends ideas into your head. Scientific research, anyone?

So, how have you dealt with writer’s block? don’t forget to share in the comments section.

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