Abigail is a journalist, screenwriter, speechwriter and creative writer. She holds dozens of credits for her written works. She is also a creative editor helping other writers achieve their visions. Abigail has written and edited several books, magazine articles, Opinion pieces and editorials. She has worked with online and print magazines and rose to the role of Head of International Desk for AgroAfrica Magazine.  Presently, she does freelance work and is available for hire as a screenwriter, journalist, and creative writer. She also also a prolific speech writer who has written speeches for company executives and government officials. 


Abigail is a joy to read. She brings a rare depth of insight and wisdom to her writing, and her contributions are always well researched. Unlike armchair analysts and critics who only excel at highlighting the challenges, Abigail thinks about a solution – how things could be different and how best to make this wobbly system work. A fine journalist and thinker.

– Stanley Azuakola, TheScoopng.com (Nigeria)