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Abigail is the Convener of Grill and Read. Grill and Read hosts literary events where people who love reading or want to love reading gather and fawn over books while chowing grilled food. This project idea is growing into a franchise. So far six editions have been held in Lagos (3 editions) Abuja (2 editions) Port Harcourt (1 edition).

Abigail’s love for reading cuts across various genre, fiction and non-fiction. She reads what she loves because she believes  reading is tedious only when it is not done for pleasure. She also knows that with books we can learn about the world around us in ways only bested by experiential knowledge. 

Check out some books she has read on her bookshelf.


Great job from Abigail! It’s a pleasure to work with her and I would highly recommend her

– Guillaume Cossou (France)