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Letter to sons: Dear King by Abigail Anaba

106 page with seven letters and seventeen principles  to help boys grow into real men.  And make good men, better men.


Letter to sons: Dear King by Abigail Anaba



This letter to sons by Abigail Anaba addresses key issues that affect men and boys. It prose is simple and easy to understand. Dear King challenges the systematic spread of misandry and anti-male sentiments passed off as ‘feminism’.  Also, it answers questions that young men will have as they try to navigate the troubled waters called ‘ life in the 21st century’.

In this day, masculinity is shamed and debased. The biological traits that differentiate men from women are labelled toxic. For these reasons, this letter to sons answers questions such as: Is masculinity toxic? What makes a real man? How should men and women relate?

Dear King contains seven heartfelt letters and seventeen principles from a mother determined to give her sons the best direction possible. So, the book draws attention to proven neurological distinctions between men and women. It also catalogs the psychological and emotional differences between men and women.

Therefore, it explains why these ‘gender’ differences should count in present day conversations. It is a letter to sons that emphasises stoicism, chivalry and empathy. Dear King is not a rule book. It is a manual  of principles that can help parents raise first rate sons.

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