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Audio Book: Dear King Reading by Abigail Anaba

2 hour 30 minute audio reading of Dear King (Seven Letters and Seventeen Principles)


Audio Book: Dear King Reading by Abigail Anaba


This Audio Book is read by Abigail Anaba. It contains in MP3 format the reading of the book, Dear King.

The masculine gender is under attack. Men are shamed for showing traditional masculine qualities. “Feminism” spreads misandry and anti-male sentiments. Also, the inherent biological traits that differentiate men from women are labelled toxic. For these reasons, a book that restores the dignity of men and boys and which helps them to become better humans is necessary.

Dear King is contains of seven heartfelt letters and seventeen principles that teaches life lessons. This is not a rule book. It draws attention to principles instead of rules and helps men and boys reach their own decisions.

In this book, the author marries proven neurological distinctions between men and women with her biblical knowledge. She then  offers advice that takes into consideration the physiological, psychological and emotional differences between the male and female sex. She draws lessons from animals and uses these illustrations to model the right behaviour.

Therefore, this audio book explains why these ‘gender’ differences should count in present day conversations.  It is a letter to sons that emphasises stoicism, chivalry and empathy. Dear King is a manual to help parents raise first rate sons.

You can check out Abigail’s blog to read her views on feminism and equality. 


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