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Finding Ezer 8: Ten Signs that She is not Emotionally Responsible

Emotionally responsible people make the best marriage mates. This is because love (an emotion) is the strongest bond that holds a man and woman together. As we have learnt in a previous podcast, love can be learned. In the same way that emotional responsibility can be learned.¬† Marriage should be… 

Finding Ezer 7: How Men can Show Emotional Responsibility

A lot has been written and said about men and emotional “intelligence”. I do not think that emotional intelligence is a separate form of intelligence needs he acquired after a person learned to act intelligently in other matters. If men are capable of intelligence, then emotional intelligence comes bundled in… 

Yes, Women Use juju on Men and you Can avoid them

In this special podcast, I talk about how to identify a woman who can potentially use voodoo, charms or juju on a man and what men can do to avoid such women. If you are a man with any potentials whatsoever, understand that you are a target.