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PODCAST SERIES: Finding Ezer – Introduction

Or How to be a Deserving Young Man

You can listen to this introduction

I fell in love with this phrase while preparing a talk a few months ago. I was invited to Abuja to speak to a group of people on the topic Men, Feminism and the Future. You can find the talk here.

For that talk, I had to look into the primary role of women through evolutionary and biblical contexts. And that was when I found the word Ezer. Ezer is Hebrew and the word “Ezer” means helper. For those familiar with the Bible, the word Ezer is used to describe the role of the wife in a marriage.

However, when most people, especially men, read that part of the scriptures, they tend to think about a helper in terms of subservience. She is not the main person, just a ‘helper. an assistant, second fiddle’. This leads to them looking for parts of the Bible that will, to quote another biblical phrase, keep women ‘submissive’.

But what if I told you that a helper does not mean second fiddle in this context? What if I flipped the script and told you, a helper is someone stronger than you, someone, you hold on to and rely on in times of distress. What if your helper is someone you look up to rather than look down on.

Would you want a helper in your life?

Would you like to find Ezer?

In this series, I shall be focusing on how, as a young man you can train yourself to identify a woman who will be your helper. But more importantly, this series will be about how to make yourself deserving of a helper.

I shall be sharing real-life situations and anecdotes that will emphasize these desirable qualities. Also, I shall sometimes be drawing lessons from nature. Each lesson will be short, just about three minutes long. You can see them as tiny nuggets from a chunk, or a tiny piece in a large puzzle.

I sincerely hope you will enjoy reading, listening to or watching this series. If you like it, you may also like my book, Dear King, Seven Letters and Seventeen Principles. 

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