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Conspiracy of Ravens Review. Verdict: Silver Plated Gold.

I just realized that my last post here was a review. I’m not sure I want to do this very often but when I’m asked by a fellow author to give an honest opinion about their book, I feel a sense of responsibility to do so. So here is a brief assessment of the last Nigerian Author I read.

Book Title:

Conspiracy Of Ravens

How I got to know about the book:

Friends who had read it talked about it on Twitter and then I was privileged to meet the author at the #GrillandRead Book Party Port Harcourt and got gifted a signed copy of the book.

Name of Author:

Othuke Omniabohs

Book genre:

Book Summary:

It is a conflation of stories that are built around a ‘conspiracy theory’ that Boko Haram and the Niger Delta militancy is somehow related. It is about a man who seems to be seeking revenge for the wrongs his country meted out on him. The story is set off by an assassination and then the daredevil kidnapping of expatriates in a Shell Oil rig.

What I like about the book:

I loved the pace of the book towards the end. I loved the way the writer eventually wove the stories together and seamlessly married  Boko Haram, Niger Delta Militancy, and the Fulani herdsmen Crisis. I also loved the way the writer explored the issues affecting the Niger Delta through his characters.  The presentation of the story itself is suspense-filled and quite believable. I found myself drawing parallels with real people. The politics of kidnapping in the Niger Delta is also explored. In the end, one is left with the belief that things are often never as they appear to be at first. Most importantly, I also liked the way this could easily become a whodunnit movie. I was impressed by the work.

Other comments
I felt the resolution was a little Nollywoodish. I expected something stronger. I also thought the book dragged with unnecessary details at the beginning, I skimmed through certain paragraphs full of descriptions. Also, most of the characters sounded alike and so had a hard time differentiating them. Also, I didn’t like the idea of an American rescuing the kidnapped. Felt so let-me-just-roll-my-eye-at-this-ish. Can’t we save ourselves? I must say I almost stopped reading the book at points but I’m glad I read it to the end!

Rating *****Platinum ****Gold ***Silver **Bronze *Brass.

Silver plated Gold.


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